MS01: Fractional diffusion: modeling, theory and numerics
MS02: Qualitative properties of ordinary and partial differential equations and their numerical solutions
MS03: Differential Equations in Numerical Modelling: From Theory to Application
MS04: New trends in Education
MS05: Mathematical Modeling of Vector-borne Disease Transmission
MS06: ECMI Special Interest Group: Mathematical modelling in biomedical applications
MS07: Mathematical Modelling in the Silicon Industry
MS08: Mathematics as a key factor to master the challenges of the energy transition
MS09: Prognostic MR Thermometry for the Thermal Ablation of Liver Tumours
MS10: Mathematics of Planet Earth
MS11: Modelling of Cleaning and Decontamination
MS12: Networks in finance and social sciences
MS13: Modelling, Theory and Numerical Analysis of Reaction-Diffusion Problems
MS14: Shape optimisation methods with applications to biology and Industry
MS15: Electromagnetic problems arising in industry: modelling and numerical techniques
MS16: Multiple scales in electromagnetic devices - from quantum mechanical effects to circuit simulation
MS17: Distributing challenges - efficiency versus constraints on networked consensus and optimization
MS18: Simulation, Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification of Field/Circuit Problems for E-Mobility Applications
MS19: Control charts and case studies
MS20: Differential Equations and Optimisation
MS21: MSO4SC: an infrastructure for MSO frameworks and software
MS22: Mathematical modelling of industrial processes
MS23: EU-MATHS-IN: Success Stories of Mathematical Technologies in Societal Challenges and Industry
MS24: Modern stochastic valuation techniques in insurance
MS25: Optimization success stories with Portuguese Industry
MS26: ECMI Special Interest Group: Maths for the Digital Factory
MS27: MSO for steel production and manufacturing
MS28: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Biological Modelling
MS29: Finite-Sample System Identification
MS30: Game theoretic modelling of utility networks
MS33: Sparse and Inverse Problems in Medicine and Biology
MS34: ECMI Special Interest Group: Big Data models and challenges
MS35: Reduced Order Modelling for Industrial and Scientific Applications
MS36: Mathematics in Medicine and Life Sciences
MS38: ECMI Special Interest Group: Material design and performance in sustainable energies
MS39: Towards the Next Generation of Digital Human Modelling
MS40: Applied Dynamics in Life Sciences
MS41: ECMI Special Interest Group: Computational Methods for Finance and Energy Markets
MS42: Evolutionary game theory with time constraints (in Biology and Medicine)
MS44: Recent mathematical and statistical approaches in earth and environmental sciences
MS45: Optimization
MS46: Environment modelling and remote sensing by computational imaging
MS47: Mathematical modeling of charge transport in graphene and low dimensional structures
MS48: ECMI Special Interest Group: Towards a Virtual Campus in Industrial Mathematics
MS49: Knowledge Discovery and Graph Data Science
MS51: Mathematics of Biomedical Signal Processing
MS52: Graphisoft
MS53: Morgan Stanley